The AOS Security Championship Draw was held last night in Brian Dillons GAA, thank you to all of the delegates and players who attended!

Draws for Junior A Football are as follows:

Round 1

(A) – Bishopstown V Mayfield

(B) – Delanys V Brian Dillons

(C) – Whitechurch V St. Michaels 

(D) – White’s Cross V Nemo Rangers

(E) – Passage West V Douglas

Round 2

1 – Losers of E (Passage / Douglas) V Losers of C (Whitechurch / St. Michaels)
2 – Losers of D (Whites Cross / Nemo Rangers) V Losers of B (Delanys / Brian Dillons)

Quarter Finals

(I) Losers of A (Mayfield / Bishopstown) V Winners of B (Delanys / Brian Dillons)

(II) Winner of A (Mayfield / Bishopstown) V Winners of D (Whites Cross / Nemo Rangers)

(III) Winner of C (Whitechurch / St. Michaels) V Winner of 2 (Whites Cross / Nemo Rangers /Delanys / Brian Dillons)

(IV) Winner of E (Passage / Douglas) V Winner of 1 (Passage / Douglas /Whitechurch / St. Michaels)

Semi Finals

(I) V (II)

(III) V (IV)